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A Brutally Honest Review of Justice League The Movie

When you, as a person with the ability to influence society/culture, use your position to gratuitously sexualize something that has proven (or not intended) to not be so you are in the wrong. There is so much they could have done with this movie, but let’s just sit back and let Superman handle it cuz…… Continue reading A Brutally Honest Review of Justice League The Movie

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Arwen Evenstar (Elven) Makeup Dupes for the Cosplayer on a Budget

This is the blog post nobody asked for, but I needed.  So, I’m putting my 6+ hours of research to use by pounding out a much-needed blog post (that is not on a topic themed to my blog AT ALL, but YOLO). I have been fighting a severe bout of tendinitis.  Since I was laid…… Continue reading Arwen Evenstar (Elven) Makeup Dupes for the Cosplayer on a Budget

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Just a Thought on Novel Openings

Writing is, perhaps, one of the more difficult of the hobbies/jobs there is in the world today.  To me, it isn’t the character creation or plot invention or dialogue… it is the BEGINNING that always gives me pause.  Perhaps that says something terrible about me, but the beginning of a story should more than just…… Continue reading Just a Thought on Novel Openings

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The Heroes We Need

All image credit goes to the creators of the respective films or franchises that own them! Wonder Woman is owned by Detective Comics.  Doctor Who is owned by the BBC. Respective Game of Thrones characters are owned by HBO and George R. R. Martin. The Wonder Woman: Dawn of Justice movie was everything I could…… Continue reading The Heroes We Need

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Strength and Inspiration (The Meditations)

We all have that one book.  That book that took us from one thing and changed us into something else.   That book that took the broken pieces and put them right.  Sometimes it is directly the story inside the book.  Sometimes it is just the first book you picked up after something terrible. I searched…… Continue reading Strength and Inspiration (The Meditations)

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Spinning Wheels

Maybe it is the New Year.  Maybe 2016 was such a flaming pile of shit for me that where I am just feels like backsliding.  Actually, I’m not even moving.  I’m not getting better, not becoming a more whole, more fun person.  No betterment is happening where I am at currently. I mean, I just…… Continue reading Spinning Wheels

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Color Me Carrie

As a young child, I was awkward.  Not at all like any of the princesses or any of the other girls who were dainty and ladylike.  I was too tall, too thin, too athletic, too smart, too interested in “strange” things.  I remember being very young and hating how I looked and how my behavior…… Continue reading Color Me Carrie