Skin Care for Winter

My first Step is the Pacifica Crystal Foam Wash. One of the only cleansers that actually cleans my skin without starting breakouts. It can be drying, so the next few steps are making up for that.

The Soap and Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash is Step 2. Yes, I wash my face a second time. This is SO gentle on my face, guys. This one I let steep on my face to let that Vitamin C soak in.

I could talk about Soap and Glory all day, every day. My “old lady soap” as my boyfriend calls it. Is beautiful thing.

Step 3 is this stuff: “ZAPZYT.” At first I was worried this would be too powerful for my poor sensitive skin. I’m prone to large, clogged pores and have tried nearly everything. This stuff is the Holy Grail. I may not use it for a couple weeks but it clears stuff up like a dream.

EYE CREAM GIRLS. This stuff by Neutrogena is sweet stuff.

“Skin to You” has this beauty: Vitamin and Cream. My skin gets so so so dry in the winter that doubling up on mousturizer is the only thing saving my life.

what. Another. Soap and Glory product? I don’t know if this does what it says on the bottle, but my skin definitely has looked smoother since I started using it!! Also it smells nice.

Like the 1930s.

this is the devil. And what I mean is that someone had to sell their soul for this. I work long and weird hours. It starts to show around the end of the week, so sticking this stuff on my eye bags makes me look quite well rested.

This is a “bad skin day” lifesaver. I suffer from really bad redness and skin stress after a lot of cold weather and 60 hour weeks.

A small dab of this is like a Fairy Godmother.


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