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Nerdy Thursday! (Maybe)

I like to think that I am the first person to think of that title… we all know I am not! Recently, I’ve had some financial pressures (it is totally because of Christmas and the fact I plan trips and cosplays WAY in advance)… am doing my best to relieve them, but stress is stress.…… Continue reading Nerdy Thursday! (Maybe)

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What You Should Know About Cosplay

Cosplay is a beautiful, beautiful expression of art – of love and talent.  There is something empowering in building something with your hands (be it buying, making, commissioning). This post has been in the works for almost three months – so much research and love has gone into this that I hope it is (in some…… Continue reading What You Should Know About Cosplay

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Christmas Thoughts

I always like to look at Christmas as the time of year to start anew. There are all these thoughts floating through my head about all these different projects I would like to start (some I need to finish): getting a t-shirt line going on redbubble and society6, starting a YouTube channel for bookish (nerdy)…… Continue reading Christmas Thoughts

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The Unending Battle to Become Perfect

If there was a graph out there that had the fluctuations of how often pixie cuts came back into style, I would probably post it here, but I could not find one to prove my point. American culture (especially the one that exists online) is OB-freaking-SESSED with looking perfect. If you have ever noticed, whatever…… Continue reading The Unending Battle to Become Perfect